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Our Ranch

Raising Cattle Responsibly Since 1960's

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The original Hill family first homesteaded in Geyser, MT and has spread across Central Montana.  Tom Hill started by raising cattle on the one-time "Kolar Place".  As a young man he experimented with many breeds of cattle, including Angus, Hereford, Gelbvieh and more.  Finding the Simmental breed to be the best fit for the climate and terrain, Tom committed to building the best carcass cattle possible.

If you ask, Kathy, she will say she liked the trademark Simmental ears.  Traditionally, the Simmental breed was known for large cow, high milk quality and lots of color.  Now mainly black or red, the Simmental breed as a whole has striven to be a competitive breed to add wean weight and milk for commercial cattlemen.  For the Hill family they add a commitment to quality carcass.  The cattle look very different from where they started but the Hill's Ranch goal is to add tremendous value to the cattle industry.


Our Story

Local Family Ranch

Tom and Kathy married shortly after Tom took over part of the family ranch along with his two brothers.  They went on to have six kids and currently have fifteen grandkids.  With one daughter in Australia, the other children stayed close by and still help out, especially around bull sale time.  Their sons help to run Hill's Ranch fulltime and the feedlot cattle in Nebraska.  Tom and Kathy have also been blessed to work alongside their grandsons in the past few years.

Family and friends are what drive Hill's Ranch.  Being able to provide quality cattle to bull buyers has become a family goal as well as a business one.  One year as the snow blew in and became a full-blown blizzard, Tom was out plowing the road bull sale day to let long time buyers in.  Pulling them in and then having to pull them back out proved one thing. There is a commitment and grit to ranching that is hard to explain.  It is uncertain why Hill's didn't cancel and just as hard to say why the buyers still came.  In the end, it confirms to Hills that they have the best kind of customers.  Ones that are kind of like family.  Hope to see you soon.

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